Please see below the new features and improvements for Loop Backup which are live as of the 1st December 2021.


  • Multi-Geo support enables storing backups for a single domain in different geographical locations based on Microsoft Groups and Google OUs

  • Improved Access Groups

    • Enables an unlimited number of Access Groups with granular permission sets (admin, backup operator, helpdesk operator, self-service, etc)

    • Allows to limit access to backup data based on Microsoft Groups and Google OUs

  • Protection & backup usage report is now available for download in a CSV format (Settings -> Info)

  • An option to choose a recovery folder with a custom name

  • Improved anti-ransomware protection heuristics and detection rate

  • AI-engine update v.2.56.3

Microsoft (Office) 365:

  • MS Teams channels recovery is now available

  • Full MS SharePoint backup export as a single archive

  • Recoverable Items folder in MS Exchange Online can be backed up

  • MS SharePoint lists export in a CSV format

  • Recovery speed is improved for large SharePoint sites and Teams

Google Workspace (G Suite):

  • Improved recovery speed for large mailboxes

  • Performance improvements for Google Drive and Shared Drive recovery

  • UX improvements



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