With Loop Backup, you can get started backing up of your Office 365/Workspace in several easy steps.

1. Sign In To Loop Backup

Sign up at https://panel.loopbackup.com with your Office 365 or Workspace administrator account and then grant permissions requested by Loop Backup to access your data:

In rare case it can take up to several hours for changes to take place across the whole Office 365 domain so it may be needed to wait until all domain resources become visible and accessible to Loop Backup.

Configure protected resources

Click on the "Protection" tab

Choose user accounts drives which you want to protect or select all.

Then navigate to "Assign SLA"

A window will then appear where you select gold and then click "Assign"

This will now start backing up all selected users.

2. Backup

Backups happen automatically throughout the day, A minimum of three times. Loop Backup shows time of next scheduled backup in Protection screen.

Backup status can be monitored both via Protection screen (see progress wheel in Status column) or via Activity screen:

For convenient tracking in Activity screen you can choose only backup operations with 'In progress' status:

After backup, account data can be browsed by pressing Recover button next to the account on Protection screen.

3. Data browse

Recovery screen allows browsing through user mailboxes, OneDrive content, contacts list and calendar events and G-Drive.

4. Data download

Loop Backup allows to download specific emails or drive files from backup.

Choose emails to download and press the 'Download' button:

Click on the filename to download the file from the drive:

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