There are two ways to see the full backup log history to resolve any warning/errors you may see, the first one is using the Backup Intelligence Client, the other is using the Backup Intelligence Web Interface.

Backup Intelligence Client

You can view the warnings/errors you are having by opening up the Backup Intelligence client and clicking on the history tab

It will then bring up a history of jobs. Double click on the job with the warning/error to open the job log.

Web Interface

Log in to Click on the history tab for the drop-down menu and choose Job History

You will then be taken to the job history page. When on this page click on "report" for the job with the warning/error to see the job report

List of guides on how to solve the warnings/errors:

"Cannot proceed - another task needs to finish using the Storage Vault first"

"Operation Not Permitted on Apple macOS"

"Access to Cloud File is denied for OneDrive"

"Too many open files on Apple macOS"

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