For Apple macOSX

You just mount the drive as normal in Finder and then select the network drive as a normal Volume in Backup Intelligence.

For Microsoft Windows

In Backup Intelligence on Microsoft Windows 8, 10, 2012, 2016, 2019 you are able to set your Network Drive’s login credentials for each Protected Item requiring access. Once these credentials are set you can then add files and folders from the Network Drive to the Protected Item.

To do this first go to edit your Protected Item’s settings, and under the items tab select to include “Log in to network share” as shown:

Now you will need to add the UNC and path to your Network Drive, plus the Network Drive account’s username and password. using the format below, note the extra \ at the end of the path is required.


Once you’ve clicked okay you should now see your credentials listed.

Now we need to add the file paths you require for your selection. From the dropdown previously click “Choose Items…”

You will need to add according to the drive letter you’ve mapped to your drive. To do this click “Browse UNC path” from the Options dropdown as shown:

You will now need to enter the same IP and path from previously.

Your Network Drive hierarchy should now be available for selecting. Choose the files and folders you need then click OK.

Finally, remember to click “Save” to record your new settings. We recommend performing a manual test backup to verify the client has accessed and scanned the new files on your Network Drive.

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