Click on Backup from the menu on the left

Click + Add A Protected Item

Files And Folders

Most users want to backup their Files and Folders, so select Files and Folders, type in a meaning full name, and then click Next

Select What To Backup

You need to select what you wish to backup, you can do so using the quick selection screen, to backup your:

  • Desktop

  • Documents

  • Downloads

  • Music

  • Pictures

  • Movies

  • Outlook / Mail

or click Custom to select custom items i.e. network paths etc.
Once you have selected what you wish to backup click Next

Custom Commands

Default: Extra Commands, just leave this ticked and click Next

Set A Schedule

A schedule is set to tell Backup Intelligence how often to run a backup,click the + to add a schedule

Schedule Name

Name Your Schedule, i.e Daily, Weekly, Hourly, etc. then click Time

Add Times For The Backup To Run

Click the + to set a time of when you want the backup to run

Daily Backup

In this example we are setting a daily backup to run at 3:52 am each day, you can select the type of schedule you want from the drop-down, daily, weekly, hourly or periodic which runs at a set interval each day.

Once set click Ok

Schedule List

This is the list of the schedules you have set, you can edit them, delete them or add more once done click Save

That's you all setup, remember to make sure your device is powered on and online when your backup is scheduled to run.

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