If you have lost your password for CrashPlan in the CeeJay Cloud, you can request a password reset using the web console.

Password reset links are only valid for one click. If you open the link more than once or double-click the link, it immediately expires and you will need to request a reset again.

Note that usernames take the form of your full email address which must be valid.

If your trial has expired or if your account is suspended you will be unable to reset your password.

Also, if you have had too many recent failed login attempts you will need to wait at least an hour before you request a password reset.

Tips For Creating A Secure Password:

  • We recommend using a password that is at least eight characters long. Your password must use a minimum of five characters.
  • We recommend using at least two numbers (123) or symbols ($%^).
  • Choose a password that is easy to remember, because you will need to enter the password on a number of occasions to manage your CrashPlan account.
  • Don’t use passwords that are easy for someone else to guess, such as names, words, dates, or your ATM PIN.

Less Secure Passwords:

  • 123456
  • crashplan
  • computer
  • password

More Secure Passwords:

  • sleepy-Dog23
  • !nt(egrity2007
  • 1aji&sd4z
  • ld+m#T*,z}h>x
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