If CrashPlan is showing as offline, is not connecting or has not updated then please restart the following first:

Your computer.

Then please check the following:

Your firewall is not blocking your web browser on https://code42.ceejay.net:4285
Java has updated to the latest version on your Operating System.
There are no Network or Wifi exclusions set inside CrashPlan.
There are no blocks set by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

(If you are using a content filtering service or firewall on your internet connection i.e. BT Parental Controls you will have to remove the File Sharing Block through BT to allow CrashPlan to connect.)

Your firewall, antivirus and internet provider will need to allow whitelisted connections on the following addresses as they are required for CrashPlan PROe:

PROe Server Address IP (for code42.ceejay.net:4282):

Outgoing IP:

Source IP:


4280 (Dashboard),
4282 (Primary Connection)
4285 (SSL Dashboard Connection)
443 (SSL for Backup Data)
4287 (TLS)
4288 (TLS)

It is vital that you are running CrashPlan in the CeeJay Software Cloud, which is shown at the top right and will display the CeeJay logo. If not please completely uninstall all versions of CrashPlan and install the latest version from www.ceejay.com

If you still fail to connect and have checked all of the above, double-click the CrashPlan logo in the upper-right corner, or press Ctrl+Shift+C (Windows/Linux) or Option+Shift+C (Mac) on your keyboard. Now type:

ra, restart

Then press enter on your keyboard.  

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