Synchronizing is part of the normal operation of CrashPlan as it's a file verification scan, which compares the data on your computer against the data on our servers.

This scan looks like the client backing up your data again, but finishes much faster. This is carried out to ensure the information selected to be backed up is verified as backed up on the cloud servers, and can be reliably restored. This is a regular process of the software which can take between 5 seconds to 24 hours to process as it depends on the size of your file selection, the speed of your computer and its hard drive.

If you switch your computer off or let it go to sleep it will restart the process, so please leave your computer running until this is finished.

Synchronizing can also run after the following: 

  1. If you update your computer i.e. upgrading Apple OS X to High Sierra
  2. If you make major changes to CrashPlan PROe i.e. change the backup selection
  3. After the Archive Maintenance routine has run
  4. If you reinstall CrashPlan PROe
  5. If you change the backup version frequency

If CrashPlan detects any problems with the files or blocks that have been selected to be backed up, it will request them again as part of the self-healing process.

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