When you adopt a computer you are telling the desktop to assume the computer ID of another desktop installation. As a result the desktop takes on the settings, backup file selection and backup archive(s) of the computer that is adopted, effectively replacing it. 

In the following situations you can replace your computer and not have to upload your backup data again:

 - Reformatted or replaced your computer's hard drive.
 - Moved to a new computer.

BEFORE YOU ADOPT: Make sure that you first move or restore your files to the new computer. They are best having the exact filename and folder structure as your file selection, because changing the file selection itself to remove any old files or folders will show this warning message:


Because of this we recommend keeping your files on your new computer and your file selection the same. However if changes do have to take place, we recommend adding to your current file selection the new folder paths, which should keep your previous version data. This warning message only shows if you remove a file path from your file selection.

To adopt/replace, first install the CrashPlan PROe desktop software on your new device from www.ceejay.com

 - Move or restore your files to the new computer.
 - Open the CrashPlan application and sign in with your username and password.
 - CrashPlan will recognise this is a new computer, and will ask if you wish to adopt/replace.
 - Choose the computer you want to adopt/replace, and follow the steps.

The desktop stores your computer's ID in a text file named .identity. The .identity file containing the computer ID is preserved when you uninstall and reinstall the desktop.

If there is no .identity file when you install and sign in as a user, and your account has one or more computers already, the Adopt A Computer message displays giving you the option to adopt the computer ID of one of your other computers.

Generally, when you upgrade your operating system without reformatting your hard drive, the .identity file remains intact. You will not see the Adopt A Computer dialog when you log in. Adoption is not required.

If you've moved your entire user account with Mac's Migration Assistant or have cloned your system, the old computer's ID may be brought over to the new computer. You are not presented with the Adopt A Computer dialog if the computer ID is transferred.

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