To get started with CrashPlan is simple. First download the installers from the download link at the top of our website here:

Note CrashPlan is an endpoint backup solution i.e. for Laptops and Desktop computers, and is not for servers or network drives. Code42 has just informed us that backup's should be under 1TB.

If you require to backup servers / network drives or to backup more than 1TB we will me making our own solution called Backup Intelligence available from November 2018 at 

Alternatively, if you already have an CrashPlan account with us you can sign into the web console and click "App Downloads" on the left to receive the installer: 

Now run the installer and follow the wizard to complete the installation.

When you run CrashPlan for the first time you will be asked to sign in with your account's username and password if you have one already, or sign up with a new account. The server address you should enter is:

If you are signing up for a new account you will be asked to enter an org key. Current users will be able to create an additional account using their current org key, though new users should use the 30-day trial key. You will receive emails near the end of your trial letting you know when it's time to subscribe. The 30-day trial key is: 


Once you are signed in you will see the home screen shown below. To get started with your first backup, click the "Details" button listed to the right of your device. 

You'll now see the option to add files to your backup, although you can also do this by clicking "Manage Files".

From here you can now go through your device's file hierarchy to select what to back up. You can select entire folders, or click the folders themselves to select specific files inside a folder. If you need to go back a folder, click the relevant part of the file path above (for example, you can click "Users" to go back to that folder which is highlighted and underlined below).

Once you've selected all the files and folders you need for backing up, click "Save" at the bottom-right. Your backup is now set and should start scanning through your selection. Once that's finished, your backup should run according to its schedule, which is set as default to be every hour.

You can sign in with your new account on other devices and back them up as well. A maximum of 4 devices is allowed per account.

If you wish to use and pay for more user accounts please let us know and we can arrange this for you. You can also manage these users with an org admin account through the web admin console - please see the following guide for more information: 

For help with CrashPlan's settings please see our other help guides.

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