With CrashPlan you can tweak your backup settings in your device preferences. In the application first click "Tools" on the top menu then click "Options". On Mac OS X this is under "Code42 CrashPlan" then "Preferences" in the menu at the very top-left of your screen. 

You'll now be shown a new window starting on the General tab. Here you can change settings such as your device's name in CrashPlan and the application's language. At the bottom-right there is also a link to access your account's settings through the web console at https://code42.ceejay.net:4285  

From the Usage tab you can configure your email alert frequencies and your CPU usage for when the user is both present and away. For laptop devices you can also configure CrashPlan to stop backing up if your battery percentage gets too low.

From the Destinations tab you can see your main connection to the CeeJay Cloud listed as well as all of your local destinations.  

From the Network tab you can choose to limit your bandwidth rates for your WAN and LAN. Plus you can exclude any available networks and set up a proxy server with the application.

From the Security tab you can set the application to request your account's password every time it is opened, and to upgrade your security settings so that either an additional archive password or custom encryption key is required to access your backup data. Please follow the instructions carefully and do not lose your additional password/custom key, because we cannot recover your data if either of these are lost. More information can be found here: https://help.ceejay.com/crashplan-endpoint-protection/frequently-asked-questions/how-does-crashplan-keep-my-data-secure

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