With CrashPlan you can remotely configure your backup settings using the web console. You can access this by signing into https://code42.ceejay.net:4285 with your username and password. 

You will first see the main user dashboard on the left with your profile and your current devices, which you can return to at any time by clicking "My Profile" from the Account dropdown menu at the top-right. On the left dashboard you are able to check both your activated and deactivated devices, any backup alerts and all available versions of the CrashPlan installer. 

From your user profile you can click the cog button as shown and you will be able to change your account name, email address/username and password.

When you click a device that's listed on your user profile you will be able to see a brief overview of your storage, backup progress, last activity and device preferences.

If you click the cog button as before you will see options to deactivate your device from your account or simply block it from signing in. You can also follow the device adopt/replace procedure as well as remotely deauthorize (which means having the device sign out of CrashPlan), pause and resume any current backup job, restart CrashPlan or scan through the file selection for any changes. 

The Edit option allows you to remotely change CrashPlan's settings on this device. Clicking on this will show all the same options available on the CrashPlan client itself. Remember to click "Save" at the bottom-right once any changes are made.

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