This guide is for org admins who want to push-restore to a user in their org.

You will need to sign in with an org admin account to carry out the steps in this guide. Please see the following for more information:

Please make sure that the push-restore's destination device is online and signed into CrashPlan before you continue. 

First select the source device for the user that backs up the files you need to restore. Now click the circular arrow to restore as shown below.

In the restore window you will be able to select a device for your restore target/destination. Simply start typing the name of the device and then select it from the dropdown list. This destination device can be the same as the source device backing up the files or it can be different if necessary.

Now you will need to enter the target's path. Click the field for "Target:" and you should see the target's file hierarchy where you can choose the destination's location for your restored files.

Finally, choose the files that need restored from the source device's hierarchy and click "Restore" at the bottom-right. A push-restore should now begin from the backup device as the source to the target device as the destination.

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