This guide is for org admins who want to add new user accounts to their org. Your billing will be updated automatically whenever a new account is added.

You will need to sign in with an org admin account to carry out the steps in this guide. Please see the following for more information:

There are several ways you can add a user.

One way is to use the "Invite Users" option which sends an email invitation to new users that contains a registration link, download link, org registration key and instructions.

To do this, first show your active organisations from the left menu dashboard and then click your main org listed. In the screenshot below you would click "Example Org".

Now click the cog button at the top-right and then click "Invite Users..." from the dropdown.

You should now see a form that will allow you to enter multiple email addresses and send invites. Fields are also available for you to send a custom subject and message. We recommend sending an invite email to a test account you have access to first to make sure you are happy with the content first.

Another similar way is to make a note of your org registration key, and pass this on to the user by other means so that when they create a new account on the CrashPlan application itself after installing, they will enter this key when prompted and join the organisation automatically.

Your registration key is listed in your org profile (Any child orgs you have created will also have their own unique registration keys which you can use to have new users join directly as well.) and should be in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

A new user can enter this key when creating a new account and join your org in CrashPlan as shown.

Another way to add a new user is to add the user details yourself, and allow the user to sign in under an existing account. From the org profile you can click "Add Users..." to do this.

You should see a form that will let you add a single user, as well as use a text file based on the provided template to add multiple users at once.

We can also add users for you if you would prefer.

Also, if for some reason a user has started a free trial account by mistake, don't panic. We can move the user to your org for you - simply contact us to let us know the username of the account in question. The user won't need to start a new backup.

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