You can perform a limited restore on the web console for each of your device's backup archives. A web restore is limited to 250MB due to browser-use constraints. To restore more than 250MB you will need to use the CrashPlan PROe software application. (You can also use the application to restore from other devices assigned to your account, so if necessary you can install CrashPlan on a temporary device and restore from that instead.)

To restore from the web console first sign in, then select your device and click the circular arrow shown below, which will start the process.

From here you can choose the files you want to restore, as well as the files' version date and any hidden or deleted files. If you need to search for a specific filename there is a field to do this as well. Once you're happy with your selection, click "Restore" at the bottom-right to begin.

The video below will demonstrate how to do a web restore. 

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