Yes, the client will be able to do this and stop uploading any data to a storage vault twice, and will also apply across all your devices to keep storage to a minimum. This is called De-Duplication. 

This will work when you:

  • Move your files to a new computer to back up. 
  • Reinstall Windows on your computer.
  • Back up the same file from two computers or more.
  • Back up the same file that is stored in two locations or more.
  • Create a new Protected Item and configure it to back up any same files from an old Protected Item.
  • Move the same data from an old drive to a new drive and back that up instead.

Backup Intelligence will need to scan any second copies of files to check for any changes, but will not upload any data it has spotted as having being uploaded already, saving you bandwidth, time and processing.

On the cloud's side, any duplicate files will be copied under any new location so you can find and restore them from any location you prefer.

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