Roadmap and Future Plans

Below are our plans for Backup Intelligence, note these are plans, dates and availability can change.

Updated 15th April 2019.

Very Soon

  • Run remote backup from end user web interface.

In Development or Being Considered

  • Optional Send Email Report On A Schedule, depending on status of backup, ok, error, warning, etc
  • Full Image Backup, with restore to CD/DVD/USB Image - In development
  • Synology and Qnap Versions of Backup Intelligence - Beta testing of Synology version to start 1st April
  • Option to change backup file selection remotely through a web browser, by browsing the files on the remote device - In development
  • U2fa login for end users  - In development to protect web interface and desktop client with Yubico Hardware Keys or TOTP with Google Authenticator etc
  • Quick backup file selection mode, to select documents, pictures etc  - In development
  • Automatically set a default schedule  - In development
  • Improve green status bar  - In development
  • Filename search engine  - In development
  • Web interface night mode
  • Combined New User groups for web interface for administrators and resellers  - In development
  • Reseller co-branding 
  • Automatic uninstall client when device removed from account
  • Cloud backup of Office 365
  • Cloud backup of Google G-suite
  • Button to Pause Backup for Set Time. e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, 24 hours, etc
  • Support for screenreaders as recommended by RNIB
  • iOS device backup 
  • Android device backup
  • Scheduled test restores, run a test restore on a set schedule
  • Licence only version
  • Drive seeding service
  • Linux Build with GUI
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