What Is The Price of CrashPlan In CeeJay Cloud

The price for CrashPlan Business and Enterprise Unlimited Cloud Storage is £119.99+vat per person per year. Each person can run CrashPlan on 4 of their own use devices i.e. their desktop, their laptop, their iPad and their iPhone.

To subscribe please visit  http://www.ceejay.com/crashplan-pricing/

We do not charge any setup fees or charge for support.

CrashPlan Licence Explained

User Jane has her own account and is able to use 4 devices …Desktop…Laptop…Tablet…iPhone.

User Tom has his own account and also is able to use 4 devices if they are used by him.

User Paul has his own account and can use 4 devices that are registered to him. But he cannot add devices registered to others, i.e. Susan, Peter and David.

Susan, Peter and David must pay for their own individual accounts and register their devices in their own names.  They cannot add their devices to Paul’s account or to anyone else’s.

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