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Backup Intelligence



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Quick guide to Backup options

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Ports and IP Addresses for Firewalls

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CrashPlan PROe in CeeJay Cloud


Announcements relating to using CrashPlan in the CeeJay Cloud

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Getting Started with CrashPlan

Where to download and how to Install the CrashPlan Desktop App

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Backup with CrashPlan

How to setup and run your backup using CrashPlan

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Restore using CrashPlan

How to run a restore of your data using CrashPlan

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CrashPlan Desktop App

Using the CrashPlan Desktop App, along with troubleshooting ideas

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CrashPlan Web Console

Using the CrashPlan Web Console located at

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Web Reporting App

Using the CrashPlan Web Reporting App located at

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Legal Hold

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CrashPlan PROe Mobile App

Use The CrashPlan PROe Mobile App which uses as the server address

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Users / Passwords / Login

Details on username requirements, password requirements and password changes

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